Biology PT – Task

Welcome to Planet Zork!

It is the year 3140. It is now possible for Homo sapiens to build planets, and genetically engineer or create plants and animals to live on them. Scientist have decided to seek the inputs of creative young people for this task. They are looking for a group of 4-5 students to design a food web within a habitat. Each student will have to create one living organism, e.g. a producer, consumer or decomposer that is adapted to survive in this envronment. Plan your food web as a group before designing and drawing your individual organism.

This pyramid shows the relative biomass of each level in the food chain, as well as the energy transferred from one level to the next.

Facts about Planet Zork


  • Low annual rainfall range from 20 – 60 cm, but may exceed 100 cm at the highlands.
  • Low evaporation rate
  • 4 seasons are present
  1. winters: long & cold, average temp. below -56 °C
  2. summers : short, average temp. 10 °C
  • Experiences strong winds: 48 to 97 km/h higher at mountainous region
  • Permanently frozen layer of soil – permafrost -> restricts plant growth; during summer, it melts and results in waterlogged soil.
  • Vegetation is mostly non-woody, few tall & large plants.
  • Nutrient cycling is slow and dead matter tends to accumulate


Group members

Tammy – producer

Avril (that’s me) – primary consumer

Emily – secondary consumer

Xiao Jian – decomposer


This will be a record of our thinking and design processes. Stay tuned 🙂




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