5 – a brief reflection

Just a short reflection to round up this PT before I hand it in.

I have definitely learnt a lot more about the tundra. I never knew there were 2 kinds of tundras, and at that I only had a slight understanding of the tundra fauna.

Some interesting discoveries were:

  • Tundra plants’ roots grow horizontally
  • Reindeer can swim!
  • Reindeer actually stand only on their toes in winter (hard to imagine, isn’t it? tiptoeing for 10 months…)
  • Arctic hares are HUGE. They come up to a 2m-tall man’s knee. (from National Geographic)

I must say this was an interesting PT, although it was very complicated. It definitely required a greater amount of teamwork compared to other projects and a good understanding of AV stuff (like iMovie, which I floundered with while trying to add sound to the video).

One takeaway was that everything is connected in nature. All our organisms had to be adapted to one another, and if one organism was gone the whole food web would collapse. This shows how crucial each and every animal is to the Earth, even annoying mosquitoes.

Shouldn’t we taking action then, and playing our part to save the animals from extinction? The new panda celebrities Jia Jia and Kai Kai are already here to spread the message. If we could just refuse a plastic bag, or clean up after a picnic at the beach, it could save a life.

(For a visual representation of this, go to Hui Min’s blog – the entry dated Sep 9 2012, named Guilty – Yuumei)

At the very least, this shows how we should work together instead of lamenting how other groupmates are lazy, the project deadline is too soon etc.

Some food for thought. Anyway, I’m sure I have crossed the 150 word limit, so this marks the end of our Biology PT.

Here’s our video. The food web (which I forgot to upload) is in the video, so do have a look.




One thought on “5 – a brief reflection

  1. Ms Tanbc says:

    Enjoyed reading your reflection as I could see how you have not only gained content knowledge but also skills in completing this PT. Was also pleasant surprise by the insight wrt the importance of establishing balance in nature. Kudos for highlighting your friend’s inputs. Good job!

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