Calorie needs counter:

Factors affecting calorie needs:.

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Body composition
  4. Activity level
  5. Metabolism
  6. Hereditary factors

Age: Babies need around 800 calories. Calorie needs peak at 25 and decreases as you get older –> The aging body replaces muscle with fat, which burns fewer calories than muscle does.

Gender: Men generally need more calories than women. Women require more calories during pregnancy.

Body composition: People with more muscles will burn more calories.

Activity level: If you do more exercise, you will burn more calories.




Reflection questions:

Were your predictions correct? What might have accounted for any differences between your predictions and the actual values?
No, my predictions were not correct. I had the misconception that chicken contained more calories compared to grains.

EvaluateHow might multiple trials improve the accuracy of your results?
They will remove human error and make the results more reliable.

ApplyHow can this information be used to help plan a healthful diet?
We can choose foods with more calories if we are doing vigorous activities and vice versa, so that we will not excessively store fats in our bodies.

Evaluate–What are some other pieces of information about food that this experiment did not provide? What else do you need to know to make healthful decisions about your diet?
The vitamins, minerals and fibre content in the foods. Besides these, we also need to know our activity level.

Compare and Contrast–What is the relationship between the release of energy in the form of heat and Calories?
The greater the release of energy in the form of heat, the greater the number of calories.


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