Biological drawings


<Name, Class, Date>

Title: Whole mount of (e.g. Hydrilla leaf)

(For microscope drawings: State section –> TS/ LS etc.)

Magnification: (at least 2x)


(Drawing should take up at least half the paper)


Take note:


– Plain paper

– Sharp pencil (not a pen)

  • Make single pencil lines that meet exactly
  • Only draw an outline of the basic structure
  • Only draw what you see
  • Labels should not intersect and cover as little of the drawing as possible
  • (Microscope drawings) State the section –> TS, LS etc.
  • (For low power microscope drawings) Draw only basic cell groups,
    not individual cells

This \/

Not this \/

How to draw cell structures:

  • Nucleus should be granular, not in blobs
  • Vessels and walls must be in double lines ||
  • Branches should not intersect if not observed
  • Structures that you infer are present should be drawn in dotted lines ———-

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