Cells – Scientific terms


Binary fission(Asexual) the cell replicates its DNA and splits into 2 genetically identical daughter cells. Takes place in prokaryotes and certain organelles (e.g. mitochondria)

Budding (Asexual) a new organism develops from an outgrowth of the parent organism and breaks away when mature. It is genetically identical to the parent organism.


Mitosis(Asexual) Eukaryotes separating its chromosomes into 2 separate nuclei, and dividing into 2 genetically identical cells with almost the same number of organelles. Similar to binary fission.

Meiosis – (Sexual) The 2 sets of chromosomes in the eukaryote form different combinations of genes; and the eukaryote separates into 4 genetically unique cells.


Turgidity – The state of being turgid or swollen, especially due to high fluid content. Turgidity is essential in plant cells to keep them firm.


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