Reflection on the Harvard project

I think the games were generally quite interesting. The themes (is this the right word?) chosen were different from the textbook and are linked to real-world problems. It made me feel like completing the game had a purpose as compared to blindly remembering information from the textbook, or as you put it in chinese, 死记.

The method of play, where I had to collect evidence and evaluate them by myself, was also more purposeful. In short I think this way of learning was more meaningful as it allowed me to learn things not found in the textbook, namely scientific skills.

However the game was quite hard to play. The “stage” kept spinning whenever I moved my avatar, which was both annoying and made me giddy. The distances between the farms was also annoying. When I wanted to collect more evidence to support my claim, I had to run a long distance to the farms which was time-consuming and broke my train of thought.
The post-game survey was long and the questions were repetitive, from my point of view. I think the questions could have been phrased differently to allow easier understanding of them. For example, one question asked, “State why you thought the instructions were clear/unclear”. To me, it seemed very redundant and I had no idea what they were asking me to do. 😦


I forgot to take the screenshots. Sorry! >.< Rest assured I completed both games and their postgame surveys.


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