Reflection b1 – The Discover Interview with Jane Goodall

Picture source

New info

Chimps are more human than I expected

  • They make tools
  • They hunt, adopt orphans and drum on tree roots in ritual-like displays
  • They have distinctive personalities
  • They express emotions and have strong bonds of support between family members

The threats faced by the chimpanzees

  • they are confined in Gombe Stream national park because there are no trees to provide cover for them
  • when they venture outside the park, they come into contact with humans and catch illnesses from them

What can be done to help them effectively

  • provide aid and education for the people living around the park, especially helping women and children
  • as women’s education improves, family size will go down and the human population around the park will be more sustainable
  • educate the people on how to sustain the environment without affecting their lives, such as by letting tree stumps regenerate


What’s interesting:

  • Chimpanzees are more like humans than I thought. They not only use tools but can express emotions just like we do
  • In some ways chimpanzees actually seem more successful than us. They never destroy the forest and their populations, if left alone, are always sustainable. In contrast, humans have severely overpopulated the planet and are set to destroy it.


My opinion:

Compared to chimpanzees, I wonder: are humans really more advanced? We do have a higher intellectual capacity, but we have used this capacity to destroy the world around us.


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