Reflection (a2)

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This article is a response to the definition of life by Edward Trifinov: “Life is simply self-reproduction with variations.”

New info:

  • Life on earth came about without a purpose. As such no pre-determined conditions existed that favoured one life form over another. Conversely organisms are not capable of evolving specifically to adapt to various conditions on Earth. In fact, evolution is a process of tinkering, during which the selective process works on what already exists, either transforming a system to give it a new function or combing several systems to produce a more complex one.
  • During the development of a multicellular organism, there appears to be not only the information encoded by genes, but the interaction among cells that determines how it develops.
  • It is the collective existence of all living things as a result of organisms interacting with the environment that we can witness “life”. (since they are interdependent)

What’s Interesting: Animals actually do not evolve specifically to adapt to specific conditions. So, what my primary school teacher taught was not the whole truth.

Definition of life: see reflection a5


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