Hello world!


from Gk. bios “life”  and  Gk. -logia “the character or department of one who speaks or treats of (a certain subject)”

I’m Avril Wong, reg. no 31 from 110.

So this shall be my biology notebook. But first, let me introduce myself.

(I’m not very fond of self-introductions… but anyway,)

  • Disclaimer: I’m an introvert.
  • My name means April in French. Of course, I had a lot of French 3rd-lang classmates sharing this (not very) exciting discovery after their first lesson.
  • My name was in no way influenced by Avril Lavigne. But her songs are nice though.
  • My nicknames! Lirva (mirror image), Avril Lavigne (of course) and Ave. The last one sounds Roman, for some reason.
  • I love having the same initials as Allen Walker from D. Gray-Man, who is one of my favourite anime characters! ❤
  • I love blue. the shades are awesome!
  • I love the occasional bit of sarcasm and wit.


  • I draw, knit and write poems whenever I’m bored. My poems are terrible though.
  • I used to collect stamps. Now they are gathering dust on my shelf.
  • My current pastime is: knitting a red and white stripey phone pouch 
  • Current favourite music: "Don't say lazy" by K-ON!
  • I ❤ manga and anime! My dream is to own a library of manga in ENGLISH (if I can find the space) <But english manga is really expensive, so I have a long way to go…>

After a while you will probably realize I change my background picture a lot…
I do try to keep it related to biology though.

As you can see by now, my life isn’t all that interesting. So, let’s get back to


Stay tuned, cause it’s gonna be interesting 😀


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